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Fuel the Future



The profitable, carbon-neutral, eco industrial park of the future.

The Open Origin project is a cooperative led by indigenous people, with the goal of creating a sustainable, self-contained industrial ecosystem, bringing economic empowerment to native tribes and serving as a model for future projects.

Reimagining the industrial base

Data Center

Power Plant

Recycling Center


Development of Tribal Economic Growth and Sustainability  

An industrial base built with modern technology and executed with a cooperative framework to create a hub for economic growth and entrepreneurship.
The combination of modern technologies
and clean manufacturing enables growth in
any market sector.

High tech, clean manufacturing and assembly
High speed internet and supercomputing power
Stable employment throughout tribal communities

Establish a Circular Economy Node (Net-Zero Emissions)

Building an economic model based on circular systems found throughout nature. Using modern technologies to repurpose what i scurrently considered waste, utilizing a cooperative manufacturing model with interconnected processes, and always designing for net-zero emissions. 

High tech, clean manufacturing and assembly
High speed internet and supercomputing power
Stable employment throughout tribal communities

Development of Socially Responsible Corporate Partners

Working with others who have a shared vision of economic growth that not only avoids environmental harm, but promotes the health of our plant. Bringing together partners who share our vision for creating safe, dependable economic opportunities for our community.

Commitment to local communities
Valuing people in every processes
Sustainable and equitable practices

Create a “Perfect Storm” Sovereign Ecosystem

Not dependent on any single product, the Open Origin model allows for continued and sustainable economic growth under sovereign control, elevating participating tribes to become major players on the world economic stage.

Supporting tribal independence
Providing technological autonomy
Self-governance and lower regulatory hurdles

Data Center

Built on technological and telecommunications infrastructure that provides high-speed Internet, high-tech manufacturing and assembly, and super-computing capabilities.
  • Modular design
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Hub for technological innovation

Power Plant

Utilizing existing technologies in new, innovative ways to produce electricity with a zero carbon emission footprint—all at wholesale pricing ~50% less than current retail.
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Clean, safe technologies
  • Wholesale pricing

Recycling Center

Municipal waste management that generates raw materials for manufacturing and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels, key to fulfilling a circular economy model. 
  • Generate capital from waste
  • Source of raw materials
  • Attract manufacturing partners



Leaving zero footprint on the planet

Every phase of the project is designed with its environmental impact in mind, maintaining a net-zero carbon footprint and zero waste output.


State-of-the-art facilities that are safe for employees and communities

Industrial parks should be a place that communities are proud of employees enjoy working in. Open Origin builds beautiful buildings and maintains the highest safety standards, making it an exciting and safe initiative that all communities welcome with open arms.


Creating jobs that will last through the 21st century

The key to a sustainable economy is sustainable employment. Open Origin will set the stage for a modern workforce, creating high-paying jobs that will be in demand through the 21st century and beyond.


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